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Treatment Hours and Prices, Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy

Booking and Prices for Reichian Therapy and Body Psychotherapy, Health Touch - Photograph by John Glover

Health Touch offers personalised healthcare utilising a broad range of therapeutic approaches to suit your individual needs. If you are looking for an experienced therapist and a completely holistic approach to Psychotherapy or Counselling you have come to the right place.  

If you are unsure whether or not Psychotherapy is for you or have specific questions you would like answered, let's talk.  I offer a confidential, complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to help you get started

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  • Contact me to make an appointment for an initial consultation. 

  • Consultations and ongoing sessions are a full 60 minutes.

  • Sessions take place at my clinic in Putney, at the appointed time.

Call: 020 8392 2737  


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Treatment Hours    Top

Psychotherapy - Counselling - Meditation -  Healing

8.15 am to 7.15 pm  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 

Shamanic Healing and The Illumination Process

2.30 pm to 6.00 pm  Tuesdays 


​All Initial sessions

  • 60 mins.................................... £130

        Consultation and welcome pack

Ongoing therapy sessions​

  • 60 mins ...................................... £90

Reichian Therapy - Body Psychotherapy 

Psychotherapy - Counselling - Shamanic Counselling

Mindfulness, Meditation and Healing

  • 60 mins ...................................... £90

Video call sessions

  • 60 mins ...................................... £90


  • Approx. 2 hrs ......................... £220

Shamanic Healing - The Illumination Process 

Reichian Therapies Putney London


Terms and Condition    Top 

Therapies    ​​​​

  • Psychotherapy is undertaken with a commitment to consecutive weekly sessions at your regular appointed time. 

  • Psychotherapy is usually a long term commitment, but could also be for an agreed length of time.  After a positive consultation session, a commitment is made to an initial trial of six consecutive weekly appointments, after which we will both evaluate the situation and decide if we are going to continue our work together on a regular weekly basis or review and complete. 

  • After a positive, initial six sessions, an agreement is made to continue with regular consecutive weekly sessions. Psychotherapy tends to be most helpful if you view your sessions as an important and valuable part of your life, so making your therapy sessions a clear priority in your diary is essential. 

  • The therapeutic relationship is concluded by adhering to an “ending process”.  This process of review may be one or more sessions depending on the duration of the therapy.  

  • The Ending Process:  A good ending provides you with additional insight, adequate closure and a positive conclusion in a life full of negative endings.  It is your therapy, you can leave whenever and however you want; as a client, you need to know that.  The most complete therapy experience however, includes participating in all three phases: building rapport and the therapeutic relationship; deepening the work and your awareness; reviewing and concluding with an ending process.

  • Clients who have completed psychotherapy may return at any time; on an ad hoc basis or to regular sessions.

  • Shamanic work is offered to clients as an adjunct to regular, ongoing psychotherapy or counselling.  

  • Shamanic Healing sessions and The Illumination Process are approximately two hours longsee above

  • Shamanic Healing and The Illumination Process are journeys of discovery which deal with the spiritual aspect of wellbeing, illness and detoxification there is no way to predict the results that will manifest emotionally, physically or psychologically. These sessions do not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment.  See disclaimer

  • Short term counselling can be mutually agreed, however, your appointment time could vary each week.

  • Mindfulness, Meditation and Tachyon Healing is offered as an adjunct to regular clients or on an ad hoc basis to everyone.  

Sessions and Payment​s​     Top 

  • All sessions are available by appointment only and are absolutely confidentialSee disclaimer

  • All sessions are are a full 60 minutes.

  • All initial sessions are paid for in full at the time of booking and are non-refundable but are transferable once.

  • Video call sessions are only available to regular clients on the odd occasion when attending in person is not possible.

  • Credit cards are not accepted.​​

  • All payments are subject to the Missed and Cancelled Appointments policy. ​


Cancellations and Missed Appointments    Top                                           

  • Your session is reserved especially for you at the appointed time.

  • Please arrive on time to ensure you receive your full session.

  • Check Google maps or similar for any travel disruptions and give yourself plenty of travel time. 

  • To avoid a full fee charge; 24 hours notice (excluding week-ends) is required to cancel or change an appointment.

  • Missing more than one session per month, at short notice may result in your losing your regular appointment time.

  • Two weeks notice is required for planned holidays and events or to initiate the Ending Process.

  • Sessions paid for in advance are non-refundable; they are transferable (once within 30 days of initial payment) contingent on the 24 hour notice requirement. In the case of regular psychotherapy prepaid sessions - one missed session per month can be rolled over to the following month if required.



How to book your appointment

Treatment Hours and Prices, Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy

Reichian Therapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling

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