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Reichian Psychotherapy, Humanistic Counselling and Shamanism in Putney, London


Testimonials and Reviews

Health Touch, Putney, London - Testimonials and Reviews -  Photograph by John Glover

Reichian Therapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling    Top

"Deirdre Gough is a Body-Psychotherapist of great integrity. She brings years of experience of a wide range of trainings and disciplines, combining them with her own gifts of energy and subtle intuition. A powerful and effective bringer of change." 

        Roger Wellsted Eaton - Psychotherapist, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

"Thank you so much, for being so relentlessly accepting from beginning to end.

        S. Taylor - Writer, London, UK


"When it comes to working for healing and personal growth Deirdre combines extensive training and experience with care,

sensitivity, courage and commitment."

        Michael Gavin - RADIX Body Psychotherapy, London, UK

"I have had chronic back pain for 23 years. I have tried everything to heal it - chiropractors, intense physical training, yoga, but nothing sufficiently worked until I had a huge emotional release under Deidre's guidance which allowed my lower back to engage. She is a very special therapist that has capabilities and understanding of our complex psychological and spiritual systems beyond the norm. I can't put into words how grateful I am for Deidre and how she has helped me transform the quality of my life. I doubt there is anyone else on earth more gifted or capable in holistic healing arts."

       G. D. - Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Oxford, UK

"Deep psychotherapy, reclaiming my lost tears, my lost longing, my rage.  And love. I was afraid when it started; it was such a lonely journey; and I was terribly afraid I would lose my talent, my need even and my identity. What foolishness!"

        Sandy Goodman - Reichian Therapist, Ashland, Oregon, USA  (From his book Incubator for Savages)

"I have been thinking about how much you helped me in such a short period of time! I've been traveling to India, Peru......looking for answers and the answer was in Putney! Only three months ago I felt on the verge of psychosis, madness and now I see things again."

        Eva - Translator, London, UK


"I was with Deirdre for just over four years.  Four magical and very essential years.  With her I morphed into the fully functioning young adult that I only ever dreamed of becoming.  Wrecked and ravaged after years of searching for the right help, I was relieved to finally find Deirdre: powerful and bright.  She enabled me to rest and nurtured me in the ways I vitally needed.  I am grateful for her expertise and depth of knowing.  With her wise assistance, I now have healthy relationships and am free of the dysfunctions that were once holding me back.  Deirdre's Body Psychotherapy has empowered me with the tools I need to ensure my personal safety and ongoing success within my world. Thank you from the depths of me".

        F. Green - London, UK

"I feel like I've learnt so much about myself, with Deirdre's abundant knowledge and her kind approach I was able to explore some of the anxieties that were arising and understand them on a deeper level. I now have the tools in place and found a gentler approach within me."

        Karen - hairstylist - Surrey, UK


"Deirdre Gough is a professional therapist helping anyone wishing to explore connections between feelings, head, heart and soul. She adds another dimension. Cancer, bereavement and separation all occurred at the same time in my life. With Deirdre's intelligence and intuition we were able to work through it. I am eternally grateful to her.

    Monika Kennedy, Journalist, London, UK


"For me, therapy was more subtle and far reaching than I had anticipated. I expected everything in my life to suddenly be different but instead I gradually changed the way I cope with things and I became braver. I feel more at home in my skin which I'd never felt before and have more confidence and peace of mind than I have ever known. Deirdre has a wide range of skills which meant the therapy was tailored to suit me - counselling, body work, massage and shamanic journeying were all on offer, but most of all she made me stay with the difficult material and work through it. That was what really worked for me"

        Sarah Turpin - Children's Book Marketing Executive, London, UK

"Digging deeply into my own thoughts I now have an eagerness to know more about myself, how I live my life, how I relate to others and how I see the world about me. Therapy with Deirdre has given me a new perspective."

        Val - Gardener, Trefriw, UK

The Mother Goddess

Wow…what a journey 

as sweet as honey

Sometimes bitter

But it made my soul glitter

In fact it made me come truly alive

Energetically buzzing around a beehive

Right in the centre was my hidden self

Which was once decaying on the trauma shelf

Now here I am in all my glory

And it’s been one hell of a story

But I couldn’t have done it without you

 That arrives like the stillness of the morning dew

For you have made my life wondrously radiant

As I no longer climb a steep gradient

Of isolation and loneliness

As I am now at oneliness 

At one with everyone and everything

I am truly blessed like a Sikh warrior king

But this one has heart 

And now you and me can be apart

For I am ready to celebrate 

 And walk one last time through your garden gate

P.B.- Author, Bucks, UK

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)      Top

At the time of my Father's passing I was walking in Richmond park, having a moment of solitude and reflection, when purely by chance I bumped into Deirdre and her young, rather boisterous Doberman Ziggy. I was a bit hesitant and worried at first, as these big breeds have a bit of a reputation. One thing led to another and I started spending a lot of time with Ziggy and we quickly became OK in each others company – the relationship seemed to work. I didn't realise it at the time, but looking back now I feel that Deirdre saw that I was hurting at the time of my Father's passing and thought that a doggy companion might be therapeutic for me and indeed it was. Ziggy was pretty headstrong and physically strong also but we soon came to understand each other. He loved physical contact and would just lean on me just to have skin to skin contact, he would follow me around or he would curl up between my legs in a ball and sleep whilst I played with his ears and rubbery cheeks.  He and I both needed that physical contact it seemed. He was such a loving creature, he thrived on attention and cuddles and we became great friends. I spent a lot of time with Ziggy over 18 months, maybe two years.  Ziggy's affectionate nature and companionship are memories that I will cherish for always. We developed a special bond. I will always remember him as he was instrumental in the healing process of grieving for my Father. So I shall always thank Deirdre and Ziggy dog for that precious time we had together.

    Rick - Carpenter/Builder, South London, UK

Deirdre, Jasper, Gizmo and Peanut were there with me during one of the hardest times of my life. A time that seemed like an eternity. I had lost myself. Many Losses, coming up to 50, hormones and burnout colliding. Deirdre and her furry team of specialists supported me through my healing. I am immeasurably grateful. 

        Jo N. - Deep Bodyworker, London UK

I had a lifelong fear of dogs. The unexpected sight of one, a bark, or being approached by one, would instantly put me in "fight or flight" mode (well, let's be honest - flight mode). This fear was very obvious when I met Deirdre's Doberman, Ziggy!  After one single session of NLP both the physiological symptoms and the fear I had, have completely gone. I knew the change was real immediately after that session as two minutes after leaving Deirdre's house a dog barked in a nearby garden. No doubt about it, the old reaction had gone. That was about three months ago. I'm still healthily aware of dogs, Deirdre made sure of that during the session, but the fear and the physical reaction have definitely gone.  Ziggy and I are now friends!  Deirdre cured a lifelong fear in one session.  It may sound incredible, but it's true. Try it.


David Leonard, IT consultant - UK

Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval     Top


"Deirdre Gough is a shamanic practitioner who has been associated with The Sacred Trust for many years and who - without hesitation - we recommend to anyone seeking a skilled, well trained, compassionate healer who works in the ancient, powerful ways of soul-doctoring. You are in good hands."

        Simon Buxton - Founder/Director, The Sacred Trust, Dorset, UK

"You, today, with your gentleness and giving, allowed me to be truthful. You helped me so much with your love, touch, words and acceptance of my feelings. I feel more empowered, Thank you, I needed that."

        Annie Fill - Artist, London, UK

"Deirdre's honest and compassionate approach to, what was for me, a deeply troubling and emotional period in my life, left me in no doubt that if anything was to be solved through Shamanic Journeying, she was the one to do it. She managed to retrieve and join together essential elements of my fragmented spirit enabling me to move out of the darkness and into the light. Since then I have not looked back. Thank you Deirdre for agreeing to this remote healing session, it was a wonderful gift."

        Talsin Barder - Marketing Analyst, Luxembourg

"Monday's session was fantastic with amazing results. I feel calm, confident and I keep getting heart lifts with large waves of happiness. I don't feel the need to rush with everything anymore. I feel secure with everything in my life now and the most surprising thing is what I want to eat has changed. I now want to eat healthy food and not rubbish - I don't want to eat as much either. I truly feel that the shamanic healing you have done for me has enriched my life. Priceless!"

        Wendy Sharpe - Spiritual teacher, UK

"I found Deirdre Gough about 3 years ago when I was going through a difficult time in my life. I felt that negative things where happening too frequently, so much so that I thought I was cursed. Meeting with Deirdre and having a shamanic ritual healing removed the negative energies and changed my life for the better. I felt stronger and ended a very destructive relationship which cleared the path for me, this in turn created improvements which supported and developed my self confidence. Deirdre is one of the most amazing people I have ever met, very special indeed and would recommend her highly as a spiritual healer."

        Tess Craig - Sales Director at Lazerslim, London, UK

"What a wonderful session. It was certainly different from anything I experienced before. I felt relaxed and at ease and I was very much intrigued by the whole process. Today I feel "at peace" and content.... I really admire your work and appreciate your time and patience."

        Samia Karamehmedovic - Film maker, London, UK

"Deirdre came very highly recommended to me as a Shamanic Healer at a time when I needed a lot of support with some deep personal issues. During my Shamanic sessions I found Deirdre created a totally safe space for the experience to happen, which was both moving and empowering. Being nurtured in this way allowed me to take the much needed steps forward with both clarity and confidence, totally supported by Deirdre, before, during and after the sessions"

        Charlotte Nolan - Complimentary Therapist and Trainer, London, UK

"You embody your work with such grace and commitment Deirdre and I find it a joy and so effective. Your allies must love working with you"

        Sarah Patterson - Singer Songwriter, Totnes, UK

"My experience of Deirdre as a healer is that she walks her talk and I trust her."

        Sue Holmes - Feng Shui Consultant, Bath, UK

As a shamanic practitioner Deirdre ‘stalks’ wisdom and invites the healing process to manifest - a sacred midwifery. Her style of Urban Shamanism blends powerful ancient rituals with modern spiritual healing. Using voice, sound and drum rhythms, a sacred alchemy is created within the human body, anointing it with sound and creating a vehicle for the 'journey' - healing takes place and the circle of balance is restored. Shamanic healing can be used to alleviate a physical, emotional or spiritual problem – it is a journey of discovery.


Mindfulness Meditation and Healing   Top


"Deirdre is a wonderful therapist, student, teacher and friend. Her ability to use the insight, knowledge and intuitions gained through her own extraordinary life, have led her on a deep search for her own truth. Her sessions are second to none. Integrity is high on her list, both yours and hers. As an energy worker myself I have rarely come across a more perceptive healer with an innate ability to follow the flow of a session. If you want an honest straight forward approach I would thoroughly recommend Deirdre."

        Mark Issott - Founder Director of Sacred Angel School of Healing, Surrey, UK

"During a recent massage session I was feeling particularly down and out of sorts. Deirdre used tachyon healing crystals on me which I had not experienced before. I was amazed at the instant results, which I could feel during the session. I felt uplifted, energised and in an improved state of mind... like a weight have been lifted from my shoulders. I now make a point of seeing Deridre not only when I have physical aches and pains but when I need emotional balance as well."

        Julie W. - Business Analyst, Auckland, Australia

"Deirdre and I have been friends and colleagues for over 40 years. She attended many hours of training with me at Innersource and often assisted me as an instructor during the 70's. These seminars covered the topics of neuro-lymphatic massage, "Touch for Health" acupressure, meridian balancing, chakra clearing and pain control. I am very happy to recommend her as an independent professional using these methodologies. She is also an excellent sports massage therapist and is highly respected in this community."

        Donna Eden - Director of Training at Innersource, Oregon, USA

Healing & Energy Work
Psychotherapy & Counselling
Shamanism & Shamanic Healing
Animal Assisted Theapy
Ziggy - Providing a non-judgemental presence - Grief Counselling
Ziggy - unconditional love - Humanistic Counselling
Jasper - calm, grounded presence
Gizmo & Peanut lend their support



Testimonials and Reviews 

Reichian Therapy,  Psychotherapy and Counselling

Putney, London SW15

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