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Reichian Psychotherapy, Humanistic Counselling and Shamanism in Putney, London


Why Psychotherapy ?


You may have a clear idea of what you want to get from therapy or you may not know exactly what you want other than some independent help and support.  We will work together to define your goals and to discover your natural, strong, stable sense of self.  Health Touch offers personalised healthcare - we recognise you as a unique individual who deserves unique individual therapies.

Reichian Psychotherapy and Humanistic Counselling will help you with issues such as:

  • Relationship and intimacy difficulties

  • Self limiting, unhelpful, damaging behaviour

  • Trauma, panic attacks  and PTSD - post traumatic shock disorder

  • Aspergers in life and in relationships

  • Alexithymia - difficulty experiencing and expressing feelings

  • Addiction

  • Abuse

  • Narcissistic sociopathic relationship issues

  • Dissociation and Shock

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics

  • Shame

  • Anger and negative beliefs

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Fatigue, exhaustion, sleep problems

  • Low self esteem, lack of confidence 

  • Life transitions, midlife crisis, menopause, divorce, moving house

  • Crisis

  • Rejection

  • Empty nest

  • Spiritual emergence

  • Dreams

  • Financial struggles

  • Struggles with life work balance

  • Existential crisis

  • Lack of direction in life

  • Depression

  • Death, Bereavement, loss, grief

  • Body image, diet and food issue

Our feelings and our bodies

are like water flowing into water.

We learn to swim within the

energies of the senses. 

Tarthan Tulku     


Why Psychotherapy?

Reichian Therapy,  Psychotherapy and Counselling

Putney, London SW15

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