"I am compelled to reach out to each of you, from a wide heart and encourage you to stay connected to your Spirit, to that quiet and formless Presence that is our true nature. While we may be limited in our outer lives for a while, our Spirit and our love are without borders and connect us with one another in a deep and intuitive way. Spirituality is indeed connected with our daily lives, for it reveals the very heart and true nature of our being and of our lives and of one another. And it reminds us each to be now what we truly are, for the benefit of all beings."

Adyashanti   -   March 24th 2020 

Coronavirus (Covid-19)  Update

Yes, I am still here providing help, support  and contact during this time of unprecedented stress and distress.  Even if you are in isolation you don't have to be alone. Skype sessions are available on a regular or ad hoc basis.  Reach out. Contact me - we will get through this together.

Health Touch

Reichian Therapy

Psychotherapy, Counselling


Personalised Health Care

in Putney South West London

Therapies for

Anxiety, Stress, Trauma (PTSD)

Panic attacks, Depression,

Overwhelm, Exhaustion.

Release negative, historical patterns.

 Open up to intimate relationships.

Find a deep sense of aliveness that

arises from an exceptionally healthy mind.

Achieve physical fluidity,

emotional stability and rejuvenation

unlocking your full potential to enjoy life


020 8392 2737

Deirdre Carolina Gough

Body Psychotherapy

Reichian Therapy

Trauma Therapy






Tachyon Cocoon

Violet Fire Healing

Health Touch has been providing dynamic, holistic therapies for over 37 years. Experienced psychotherapist and counsellor offering effective, personalised Reichian Body Psychotherapy, Humanistic Counselling, Mindfulness and Shamanism in a confidential, professional environment in Putney south west London.

Body Psychotherapy and Shamanism 

Therapies for Mind, Body and Spirit

Putney,  South West London

 email: info@healthtouch1.co.uk 

phone: 020 8392 2737

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